Site Maintenance Agreement

Website Maintenance Agreement (performance)
  1. Weekly plugin updates – As appropriate, your plugins will be set to auto-update. In situations where this is not possible, you can expect it to be manually completed. The reason this is important is that most intrusions to websites are done by exploiting little known vulnerabilities through popular plugins. As these vulnerabilities are discovered, security organisations and plugin developers collaborate to fill the breach. It is a best practice to keep your WordPress and plugins as up to date as possible to prevent the data on your site from being compromised.
  2. WordPress updates – As appropriate, your WordPress version is automatically updated. Before an update is started, we back up your site so we have a stable version in case an issue arises with a plugin not being compatible with the newest version of WordPress. There have been instances where the incompatibility of a plugin has had the effect of shutting down a site. Rest assured our processes prevent such an occurrence
  3. Compatibility Issues – Ensure there are no compatibility issues between your WordPress version and plugins;
  4. Look for opportunities for the site to perform more effectively from marketing and technical perspective – leveraging several tools, both within your site and hosted, we run regular performance scans on your site to look for opportunities for it to perform faster. From a search engine optimisation perspective, the faster you site is the better your ranking as compared with other sites offering similar products and or services to yours.
  1. Review Google Analytics reporting for past 6 months and compare to the previous 12 months – by analysing your Google Analytics reporting, we are able to get a better understanding of what is working and what can perform better on your site. This is an on-going effort that means you will always know what is possible based upon the constant turning we use.
  2. Complete minor repairs and updates:
    • Install and delete plugins – Plugins that you are no longer using takes up space on your server and can slow the performance of your site.
    • Remove and replace images – Since humans make all decisions from emotions, we will periodically replace images and A/B test them to see which ones perform better based on the emotional engagement we can infer from click-through rates and conversations.
    • Image compression to shorten site load time and increase performance – This is another area of opportunity. When we compress, which is to remove data resolution that can not be seen by the human eye, the size of the image file goes down, translating to your site being served faster. 
    • Grammar, spellcheck, and plagiarism – The more aligned your content is, the easier it is for your most ideal patients and clients to find you. The Google algorithm also ranks based upon original content. We make this easy for you by making sure if your content does appear to be too similar to what others have produced, we will work with you to optimise this aspect of your content.
    • Colour corrections – Your avatar may resonate with some colours more than others. Through heat mapping analytics, we are able to support you in tweaking your the colours on your site to ensure your clients and patients have the best possible experience. 
  3. Site up-time monitoring – If you are running promotions and other activities which cause increased site traffic, you will want to know what is performing the best so you can improve the experience of your site. This is no different than when you make a specific meal for your child on a holiday or other special occasion to celebrate them. The more you can be in the world of what makes a difference to your patients, the more likely they are to deepen their relationship with you and make more choices that are going to deliver the results they say they want for their life.
  4. Evening site-backups – We automate the process of backing up your site during non-peak hours so you never have to be concerned about rolling back to the most stable version if something is compromised. This is more than insurance. It is a piece of mind that risk is being mitigated so you can focus on what you do best regarding your practice.
  5. Reporting 
    • Security – We will provide you with reporting on the geographic locations of where intrusions have been attempted and what they are attempting to exploit. 
    • Updates – We will advise you on the impact of updates and the translation to your business process.
    • Performance – As you are keeping track of your various marketing activities, we will align those with what is happening with your website as a focal point for your marketing system.
  6. Two hours, development support per month included. Additional hours are available – We will work with you to ensure you receive the most value for your allocated time. Before submitting a request, it can be a good practice to find out how much time it will require and if there is another solution that could have more efficiency and value than what you initially thought. We are your partner in causing your practice to provide the most consistent and high level of service possible for your patients that cultivates your relationships with them.
  1. 404 errors: resolve or redirect – Search engines tend to allocate a lower ranking when there are to many 404 errors on your site. We will also work with you to create your 404 errors as a call to action (CTA). Our tools regularly check to make sure if popular pages have been removed, there is an appropriate redirect to aligned content.
  2. Blog accountability – A lot of SEO is creating relevant, high-value content, that is valuable to your niche and industry authoritative. We are available to be your accountability partner in creating content so you gradually increase your authority and value online.
  3. SEO recommendations report – Our comprehensive reporting will make suggestions that you can take on all at once or a few a month so you can have incremental increases in your SEO.
  4. Performance Reporting session is scheduled 28-days after the start of each campaign;