Business Development Manager

Must Adore People and Nurturing Relationships

You are part of the driving force in causing and allowing the growth of new sales, leads, opportunities and contacts.
In short, your role makes a difference to our organisation and community.
An effective business development manager at StoneGye.DIGITAL has the primary focus to deliver consistent, measurable growth to the bottom line and deepen relationships in our community.


You will:

  • Expand our market position by identifying, defining, and cultivating business relationships.
  • Identify appropriate, actionable trends through ongoing research, industry and related events, publications, and announcements.
  • Track individual team member contributions and their accomplishments.
  • Uncover new opportunities and business deals by deepening your relationship with potential partners.
  • Understand and appropriately manage the relationship between financial prudence, market strategy, and available resources.
  • Prioritise opportunities in a way that optimises the quality of our relationships and ability to give value
  • Recommend equity investments.
  • Protect organisational value by maintaining the confidentiality of our intellectual property.
  • Enhances organisational goodwill by accepting ownership.
  • Honours and restores integrity.
  • Explores opportunities to add value to our organisation and the community.
  • Following up new business opportunities and setting up meetings;
  • Plan and preparing presentations using Google Slides or
  • Communicate new product and service developments to prospective clients
  • Oversee the development of marketing literature
  • Write reports
  • Providing management with on-going feedback.
  • Create a growth strategy for our community directory.

Working Conditions and Hours

While this role is customer-facing, you are expected to develop excellent rapport with development and supporting staff.
You will work remotely and connect to a global team.
You are able to meet with customers either face-to-face as appropriate or virtually.
Your hours are your own with a focus on relationships and results.
You and your team will maintain activity logs to submit with weekly reporting so we are able to identify opportunities as a community.

To ensure you are aligned and appropriate to your role, you will be on an entry-level retainer, plus a full commission trial for 90-days unless you meet or exceed your KPI's prior to then.
After which, your salary will be negotiated based upon your customer relationship score.
Your commissions are 6-figures per annum range with no cap.

Attributes & Requirements

As an effective candidate, you are an expert communicator, highly skilled at listening for what makes a difference;
You have either run your own businesses or been the head of a department in a sales intensive role;
You are not averse to risk and infectiously affable, gregarious and an inspiration to be around;
You do not wait for permission and naturally, take initiative to make a difference;
Expertise with Google Workplace, Basecamp, Trello, Agile CRM and WordPress;
Marketing strategy both traditional and online expertise;

Education & Experience

  • BA in business administration, marketing, sales, IT or a related field or commensurate experience
  • 3 – 10 years of sales experience
  • Demonstrated personal development. Landmark Worldwide coursework is helpful.


  • Support team members to develop career progression and personal development plan that is reviewed quarterly and mapped to organisational values.
  • Generate and get buy-in from management on your own career progression and personal development plan.
  • CPDs are an essential learning part of our culture. You will be supported to attend events, courses and retreats that promote our values.


6-figures inclusive of commission and bonus
Retainer: 90-day trial – 33.8k p/annum
Paid on and off-site training
Personal Development and mentoring plan

To apply, please click here.