Let's have a conversation about # Love

You may remember a popular saying many years ago about keeping your personal life at home and business at business.
As you know, such is an impossibility unless you are negotiating schizophrenia.

This as a context, it is reasonable to suggest your current occupation as an entrepreneur and or health practitioner is an expression of who and what you are Being.


I have been in business for years and do not need marketing or advertising

  • This is one of those popular pseudo-science personal development things that should have never caught on.
  • It defies logic.
  • Even if you # Love ‘something,’ there is still work to be done.
  • It is our context of ‘work’ that gives it an unresourceful or resourceful context.


Build it and they will come

  • You could have been born yesterday and still know this is not true.
  • There are too many options competing for the attention of your clients and patients to notice your unique selling proposition.


There are too many barriers to advertising. Regulatory bodies prevent me from saying what is really available with the modalities I offer.

  • Regulatory bodies can be challenging and they primarily exist for the safety of the general public. Within these guidelines are mountains of opportunities.
  • If you were to transform your current context, what additional opportunities could be possible?
  • If such were true, why do some practitioners thrive? What if you were to operate as part of a collaborative with the mandate to only see opportunity?


I do not have enough revenue for marketing

  • This is ridiculous.
  • It is similar to getting married and then living in a different house from your partner, in a different country and never having another conversation.
  • That marriage is going nowhere.
  • No matter what your circumstance, you can have a marketing strategy.
  • Said differently, there is an effective way, based upon your situation, to be able to communicate effectively the benefit you can be your patients.


About Stone Gye

Stone is a US military combat veteran and serial entrepreneur from 10 years of age. He started his first digital agency in 1996 before they were so identified. Through careers in corporate business, government, health and academia, he promotes that anyone can increase their organisational and or personal performance through deeper, more effective connections. Most forget when the object of their eye (their persona, avatar, ideal client or patient) knows they are valued, heard and cherished, they have no need to go elsewhere for anything because their needs and wants are being met.

We will always be human-“ being s” before human-doings.

What Can You Expect @

Yes, we have a “full” service digital agency that can collaborate to illicit, develop and engage your marketing strategy, communication plan, business and sales processes as well as business automation and any other buzz word you are inclined to use…

Our real secret sauce is in reminding you that all the blessings you are craving and dreaming of are not outside of you somewhere in the future. They (the Blessings) are inside you and we remind you to open your flood gates of abundance so your ideal clients and patients are able to experience the magic you are for their life. Unlearning the lies society tells can be as important as remembering the truth your soul has been quietly shining

You can hear from our language, we are not interested in “GETTING [YOU] MORE CLIENTS AND PATIENTS.
While attracting more of the right people to experience your products and services is an inevitable and natural consequence of our relationship, it is not the focus or metric.

Our focus is on you being in #celebration of who and what you truly are for yourself, your family, your clients and your patients. Getting Real: family, clients, community and patients are a #mirror of who you are #being.
When you practice #mindfulness in all aspects of your being, happiness, joy and # Love become the ingredients of your foundation.

You do not need to provide products and services to everyone — only those who are ready to receive and best able to value and leverage your offer as a benefit to their life.

At StoneGye.DIGITAL, we are only looking to collaborate with a few of the right health practitioners and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make a difference in the community they are in. We have all tools you may be familiar with such as search engine optimisation (SEO), web site development, app development, business automation through customer relationship management (CRM) tools, lead generation through social media channels, social media management (SMM) and the list goes on.

We are a global family of 200+ entrepreneurial developers, who are also health + fitness enthusiasts and providers that come from the heart. It is not as important what tools we bring so much as the # Love and dedication we leverage in the edification of what makes a difference to you and that which supports your growth.

We started by mentioning # Love .
At StoneGye.DIGITAL, our values light the path by which we think, conduct ourselves, interact with our stakeholders and exist in the universe.
We do not proselytise our way of being.

  1. Listen to what would most make a difference to you and your community;
  2. Share relatedness or rapport that could identify a connection;
  3. Have gratitude, celebrate and remember we already have and are everything we are thinking and feeling about.

If this resonates, even in part, and you feel called or curious to reach out, we are happy to have a conversation that can potentially allow your divinity to flow even more.