Deeper, Value-Based Mutual Connections With Appropriate Clients and Patients?

Allied Healthcare

It Isn't Your Practice or
Your Environment.

Q 01: What would happen if your practice was fully-booked with your ideal client or patient?
Q 02: What do you have in place to mitigate inevitable changes to your environment and focus?
Q 03: What is the benefit of holding to your first LOVE and passions for why you started your Practice?


StoneGye.DIGITAL Wellness Agency is a collaborative of health enthusiasts committed to supporting allied health practitioners to shine in the way they are most gifted from the foundation of our values.

Our allied health profession focus leverages digital solutions across multiple channels and we are not attached to a specific mechanism to deliver results.

Our agility allows us to imagine new, bespoke combinations of business solutions that are explosive for how you are best suited to show up and connect with your patients.

Your eye is adept at taking in light so the brain can convert the frequency to light. Your foot is skilled at interpreting external content that supports the brain to send signals to muscles and organs through the peripheral nervous system (PNS) to help the body stay balanced.

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Similarly, it is unreasonable to expect that you as an allied health practitioner will have all the business systems and expertise necessary to do it on your own.

We are meant to collaborate together in the same way the human body is in harmony with itself.

Our Australia-based health digital marketing company only supports allied health practitioners and does so across 30-countries globally.

This is because we believe in sharing a diverse and inclusive message about wellness.


With our best fit and most appropriate healthcare digital marketing services and solutions, we support you to experience an amazing practice from the business process and systems context so you do not have to do it alone; even clinics that have a full complement of practitioners, practice managers, nurses, interns, and other supporting staff, it does not mean you are optimising the care provided to your patients.

As a healthcare digital marketing agency,  we are intimately aware of compliance regarding marketing and have relationships with most industry health associations.

Our primary superpower is in how we nurture you to connect more appropriately with your patients in such a way that they become greater advocates and champions for their wellbeing.

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The systems we implement are custom to how you do business and will deepen relationships with your patients, whilst enabling them to become self-actualized regarding their health as a lifestyle.

Health is not one thing, just as relationships and business is not one thing; all of it is a symphony and smorgasborg of systems harmonising for the edification of the whole.  Regardless of your allied health ‘flavor,’ our Health digital marketing agency exists to cherish, honor, and celebrate your contribution to your community.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is constrained by multiple variables and has a place in allied health.

Because of our background as allied health practitioners, we understand the regulatory and compliance measures in place to ensure your modality is delivered with safety to as many patients as is appropriate.


Sometimes, not understanding what can be communicated, at what time, in a specific way, can be challenging and we simplify all of this; it is more than sending SMS reminders about forthcoming appointments and thank you emails.

Our healthcare marketing company provides a piece of mind regarding the compliance of how you market and communicate with your prospective clients and patients through our service guarantee that means our organization is 100% responsible for being current and compliant with any regulatory bodies your practice falls under pertaining to advertising and marketing.


While our healthcare digital marketing agency aims to ensure you have more of the appropriate patients and continually create a deeper relationship with your existing base, we are more largely committed to expanding the message, science and Love your modality offers to the planet.

The more people who are aware of the difference your modality can make to their life, the greater impact we can cause to allow more Love to flow on this little ball called earth.